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Discovery Kids Learning Center – Dedicated Daycare Fruita

May 11th, 2016


Success starts with the individuals surrounding your child. Personal interaction and knowing what each child needs will be the difference between a life full of hardship or one full of success. Because every child is different, it takes working with the child everyday and understanding their needs on a personal level to overcome learning barriers.

Every child in Daycare Fruita will have different learning patterns and knowing what works with each child is the difference between success and failure. It is up to the facility and the persons in charge to understand that every child is unique and might have different barriers surrounding their growth. Take for instance an active child who has a short attention span and might be thought to have ADHD. It could be that they have this horrible learning disorder, or it could be that they need more stimulation then the other children in their group. It takes time to understand the child’s specific needs, instead of jumping to the conclusion that they are affected by a disorder. If we take the time study exactly what the child needs, we might find out that they just need more stimulation in other area’s. If they can’t sit still, maybe they more outside time than the children who like to sit and do crafts. At Discovery Kids Learning Center, Daycare Fruita we learn that some children are more athletic than others. Is this because they have a disorder? Not really. It takes time to understand the specific needs of each child, and watching where they excel to know how to handle them.

Daycare Fruita can be simple for every child or can be hard. Understanding the child’s specific needs is going to mean the success or the failure for each child. That is why it is so important for a Daycare Fruita facility to know each child on a personal level.

Discovery Kids Learning Center come and grow your imagination! With a curriculum based on your child’s age group, your children will reach their full potential! Watch as they excel in all fundamental actives!
We want the very best for your kids, that is why we spend the time to understand their needs individually and as groups. Your child will be given the chance to grow with every activity. We carefully plan to encourage children to be great learners. Schedule a visit today so you can see what a difference our Learning Center will make in your child’s life. Discovery Kids Learning Center stays current with all of our Licenses with the State of Colorado and Colorado Shines Program.