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Discovery Kids Learning Center

May 11th, 2016

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There is a major difference in the type of service and compassion offered at Discovery Kids Learning Center.  When you think about sending your children to Daycare Grand Junction, we want you to notice right a way how much more we care for the fundamental development of your children and the educational opportunities provided to them. We have come up  with a specific plan to engage their age level, and the years we have in the industry prove beyond reason that this specific plan works and gives them the tools they need to grow.

Being in an environment where the teachers actually care about the success of each student in the their group makes a huge difference in the response the child shows and advancement they make during the time they are with us. Discovery Kids Learning Center has been around Daycare Grand Junction long enough to know that personal interaction goes a long way. We aren’t just there for your Children, we show them what to do, how to behave, where to find success, why they are doing activity the way they are and when the appropriate time is to be serious or have fun.

It is very important for children to understand the time and place for seriousness or time for fun. They need to start understanding the difference right away, or the chance for disruption will follow them into their later years. The way to approach this is quite simple really, consistency even in the most daunting moment will make sure they learn this difference and instill a thought pattern in their later years that will most likely become a tool of reason and a method of engaging their future teachers and peers. Consistently showing children in daycare Grand Junction a fun way of learning that will keep them wanting to come back.

Schedule a visit today so you can see what a difference our Learning Center will make in your child’s life. Discovery Kids Learning Center stays current with all of our Licenses with the State of Colorado and Colorado Shines Program.