Childcare Grand Junction – Discovery Kids Learning Center


May 11th, 2016

Childcare Grand Junction – Discovery Kids Leaning Centerpreschool-daycare-childcare-grand-junction-fruita-early-education-discovery-kids-learning-center

Discovery Kids Learning Center; Childcare Grand Junction. Has started serving the Grand Valley after serving Fruita Co. for over a decade. Discovery Kids learning Center has dialed in the industry and their centers to a point that other Childcare Grand Junction facilities use Discovery Kids Learning Center as an example. When you are looking for a learning center with compassion, cleanliness and an all around comfortable place for your kids, Discovery Kids Learning Center will be one of the best places to start.

With a number of places in the child care industry only doing their service for the money, it is hard to decipher who will actually take as good of care of your children as you. Most places put on good show just to make you think they are the best suited place for your child. Discover Kids Learning Center of Grand Junction and Fruita go out of their way to make sure that your child is their top priority.

From the moment you drive up to the Center, you notice a calm and safe environment to leave your children. The office is right their monitoring the cars and the Center has surveillance around the clock for everyones protection. It is already a heart wrenching situation to leave your children; they are scared, you are worried and every scenario from them not being feed properly to a structure fire goes through your head. Discovery Kids Learning Center knows how you feel. They are well prepared for any situation that arises. They also have the experience to ease all your worries.

Because Discovery Kids Learning Center is well known in the Childcare Grand Junction Industry, people know them and trust their impeccable record. It is hard for any other Child Care Grand Junction facilities to come close to their standards. If you want your children in a safe, friendly, clean environment, make sure your first stop is Discovery Kids Learning Center!


At Discovery Kids Learning Center your child will receive the best possible learning environment and chance to grow!
We normally have room for age groups through elementary school. Our curriculum directs students through learning in a fun and exciting way! Schedule a visit today so you can see what a difference our Learning Center will make in your child’s life.

Discovery Kids Learning Center stays current with all of our Licenses with the State of Colorado and Colorado Shines Program. Come and see what it’s like for your kids to want to go to our learning center.